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There are a number of opportunities from time to time to facilitate cultural understanding and to build partnerships through in-country visitations.

1. 2015 program is now posted for applications ! Keep an eye on the Sydney Korean Embassy Education page .  In the past few years a Principal’s program is offered at Easter – land costs are sponsored by the Korean Government. To be eligible for selection you will need to compose an essay regarding how you will directly promote the study of Korean culture or language. Here is the 2014 itinerary2014 APKST-Draft

2. The AEF offers a number of excellent in-country programs

 Hear from some of the participants:

 YMCA gary 2 ymca gary 3Gary Schultz – Principal Belmont HS 2014







  1. What did you hope to achieve from your visit to Korea?

–       To build further on my understanding and appreciation of Korean culture, society, history, language, politics etc from a study tour I undertook there in 2012

–       To get to know several schools more closely and plan for reciprocal visits

–       To formalise a partnership with these schools and discuss contents of the MOU

2.  Were there many similarities between the Korean education system and our own?

–       Kids are kids wherever you are in the world!

3. What potential do you see for collaboration between schools in Korea and Victoria over the coming decade?

–       Lots of potential with schools there very keen and excited about collaboration and visitation

–       Korea’s desire and plan to ‘tell the world’ about their country and its amazing growth and development is evident and important to them. It also has implications for their schools and the need for their students to have a world view and experience. We need to captialise on this at every opportunity!

–       Collaboration via technology (polycom, skype etc) however is difficult at this stage as they do not seem to have the technology in their schools yet that we have in ours to enable this. This is surprising really given their progress and development. We will need to persist and find ways through this

–       The advantage of course is that time zones are not really an issue for real time collaboration

4.  What advice would you offer other Principals or AP’s thinking of visiting Sth Korea on an educational in-country?

–       Just ‘do it!’

–       Korea is full of surprises and pretty much untapped. A very accommodating and humble people

photo YMCA gary1

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