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While Virtual Excursions are quite new to Korean schools, things are really opening up for us here in Australia.  I have been scouting around for our project and some of the Specialist Content Providers have agreed to provide some free opportunties for the schools in our project.  Others are always free in any case.   This gives schools a chance to free sample the excursions and then in the future if there is an associated cost with a private or government provider experienced schools already know the quality of the program they are purchasing.  I will ask schools for feedback after the virtual excursions and publish any positive feedback here to share.  The main website for virtual excursions is located at:  Up to recently the face to face excursions were primarily using Polycom/CISCO for delivery but now they are considering other options such as the free ZOOM internet product anyone can use with ipads, PC, laptop or phone.  This allows ANY school to join regardless of the equipment they have available to them.


barrier reef 5

How will you access these virtual excursions?

There are currently a number of modes of delivery. 

1. Some will be digital online URL links where students gain access to specialised scientific labs and equipment to gather their data then later they will collaborate face to face and share their results meeting using MSLYNC (or perhaps Polycom in some cases if it is available to them)








2.  Some will involve the use of ‘Zoom’ software (see image below) by the virtual excursion provider. They will email the registered schools a link to click at the appropriate time. No software needs to be installed by the participating schools.  The schools should project the image for the  students using an electronic whiteboard with good quality sound and a HD camera available.







3. Some will involve the use of MSLYNC. In this case the Korean schools will have installed MSLYNC Attendee on their machine and they will be invited to join an MSLYNC meeting where the virtual excursion is taking place.

china nov 16_3

4. Some might involve Polycom where the equipment is available to both the Australian and Korean schools dialling into a virtual room (Please not that Polycom or CISCO is not essential for schools to participate in this project

The idea is…

1. Partner school teachers discuss and plan which events they might join by video conference

2. Partner schools book into the event together or if it is internet based students complete the online research component at the same time

3. Partner schools plan video conferenced opportunites for the students to interact and discuss the virtual excursion or the research in ongoing meaningful ways integrated into the curriculum

For the  Global LYNC Project, these virtual excursions are intended to be part of an extended study on a particular area rather than a one off event.   It is essential that the teachers in Victoria and Korea spend time planning the unit of work together so the students have a meaningful experience.  Some Organisations offer unique scientific equipment that your students can access using the internet from their schools in Korea and Victoria.  The student research forms the basis of ongoing discussion between the classes in the two countries.

The Organisations involved have kindly agreed to provide access to some free events.  They are very keen to support new partnerships between schools in Korea and Victoria.   In some cases there will be a nominal fee for participating but please keep in mind the quality of the presenters and the economy of not having to transport your students.  You will be asked for any positive feedback after your involvement in the event.  This feedback will be made available to other schools in our project to guide their selection.  In the case of privately owned organisations, once your school has trialled their programs you would normally be expected to pay a fee for future bookings.  These people have to make a living!

If your partnership knows of another Organisation you would like to offer a virtual excursion  please contact: and I will be happy to approach them.

 Which Specialist Providers are collaborating with the Digital Lync project?

Australian Organisations About Delivery Mode
Mars Lab  The Mars Lab is a both a Mars Yard (a re-creation of the Martian surface) and a robotics lab established within Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum. Mars Lab education programs engage young people at high school in the search for life on Mars and the technologies which enable that search First : Online log in workSecond: Video conference with your partner school to compare results (Use MSLYNC, ZOOM or Polycom)
The Melbourne Zoo Tom Colcott
The Zoo Education Team are exploring ways to bring the Zoo to You! Discover Australia’s exotic animals. ZOOM or MSLYNC – you will be emailed a hyperlink to join the events Follow up sessions and teaching materials may be conducted as negotiated
Fizzics Education Ben Newsome (Director) is a list of the programs that we could offer for schools.


The pricing for 1:1 connections for Korean schools is $150 inc. GST where as local schools is $110 inc. GST due to currency conversion and international cheque payment costs.


All of the programs can be run via Zoom if needed. The really interesting one is the science club – you’re looking at several years’ worth of lessons!





We offer engaging hands-on experiments and fully-interactive demonstrations designed to improve students understanding and appreciation of science. ZOOM – you will be emailed a hyperlink to join the events Follow up sessions may be conducted and teaching materials provided as negotiated
Far Labs
Guido Cadenazzi
Cathal O’ConnellLa Trobe University
The Freely Accessible Remote Laboratories (FAR Labs) is an online platform allowing high school students to control and interact with scientific equipment housed at three major Australian universities, through their web browsers in the classroom or at home Log in using the internet from your classroom.  Students use the equipment remotely. Follow up sessions using ZOOM or MSLYNC or Polycom/CISCO may be conducted as negotiated with the team
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology  ANSTO is a public research organisation responsible for delivering specialised advice, scientific services and products ZOOM
The National Museum ACT Australia Australia Museum VC-composit Our expert educators curators and historians are on hand to facilitate curriculum-linked programs on:Screens and objects set up for a video conference program

  • Indigenous rights and freedoms – Years 9–12
  • Investigating sources – Years 7–12
  • Making a nation – Years 5–12
  • Extension History – Years 11–12 (New South Wales)
  • Australian inventions and innovations – Years 4–8
  • Post-war migration – Years 10–12

Our Robot Program:

It is now possible to visit the National Museum virtually – via laser-guided robots that provide remote visitors with an experience of mobile telepresence.

Groups of school students interact with a museum educator through a robot equipped with a panoramic camera.

Each student can:

  • control their own view of our Landmarks gallery – zooming and panning to look where they like
  • discover digital content about objects on display
  • respond to questions the on-site educator poses


ZOOM or Polycom
Questacon Natalie Questacon and the Questacon Technology Learning Centre (QTLC) offer engaging workshops and events via video conference to schools across Australia. Whether investigating the process of innovation with QTLC presenters or connecting with scientists from across Australia, students can explore science, technology and innovation through experience. Our interactive sessions will have students trying and refining new ideas, to expand their lateral and logical thinking, without leaving the classroom.   
Sydney Opera HouseClick here Contact: Amelia Carew-Reid  Various program on offer and excursions around the Opera House itself for students dialled in remotely via video conference  
ACMI The Australian Centre for Moving Image
We’re inspiring the next generation of moving image makers with screenings, lectures and hands-on workshopsworkshops Zoom or Polycom
Murray – Darling Basin Authority education@MDBA Check out our exciting range of education@MDBA resources suitable for students, teachers and families. Explore lesson plans, videos, general information and games as well as learn how to connect your students with experts from the MDBA using our videoconferencing based programs.    
 Powerhouse Museum
Sydney Olympic Park
Mike Bartlett 


Korean Organisations About Delivery Mode Event Dates



What is available right now for our Digital LYNC partner schools?

Month Organisation Event
August 2014 ACMI DreamWorks Animation Video conference Seriesdreamworks   Bring DreamWorks Animation and ACMI Education into your classroom. Did your students LOVE the Dragon Flight? Do they adore the characters from Madagascar? Do they laugh at the hilarious story of Kung Fu Panda? Are they curious about how DreamWorks Animation films are made? ACMI Education is extremely excited to announce the DreamWorks Animation video conference series. Book your class in now for the opportunity to interact in this unique video conference series with DreamWorks Animation creatives live from the US and as well as Australian artists and experts. Schools can also link up with and meet other classes.Each interactive session allows teachers and students to step behind the scenes of the exhibition and DreamWorks Animation films to explore the creative process of animation. Of special mention is Doug Cooper, DreamWorks Animation VFX Supervisor who will talk us through the creation of the amazing 180-degree Dragon Flight installation in DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition during Session 1 and Kendal Cronkite, DreamWorks Animation Production Designer who will speak about the creation of the hilarious and loveable characters in the Madagascar film franchise during Session 3.The videoconference series consists of four sessions over two days. Each videoconference is 45 minutes long and focuses on a specific aspect of the animation process.Session 1: The Creation of Worlds Tues 5th Aug 10am – 10.45pmSession 2: The Power of Sound and SFX Tues 5th Aug 2.15pm – 3.00 pm


Session 3: Character Design

Wed 6th Aug 10am – 10.45pm


Session 4: Story Development

Wed 6th Aug 2.15pm – 3.00 pm


$25 per session per connection

 Book a Videoconference


Enquires:  Bridget Hanna

Education Deliverer

Australian Centre for the Moving Image


[phone] 03 8663 2521


[postal address] PO Box 14, Flinders Lane Vic 8009, Australia


Subscribe to the ACMI e-newsletter for weekly updates and competitions at


Starting July – August2014 Questacon
  • Mission Astronautica is a project-based series of virtual excursions (via video conference) that challenges students to design, innovate, construct and test while developing their scientific knowledge. 
  • This is a FREE project that incorporates both teacher and student support and all you need is a few basic materials.
  • Four sessions, starting 21 July
  • Please note: places are limited and will fill up quickly, please contact soon to secure a place for your class.


August 2014






Tuesday 19 August at  12.30pm to 1.30pm(Australian Time)

Wednesday 20 August at 11am to 12pm(Australian Time)

Wednesday 20 August at 1pm to 2pm(Australian Time)

National Museum ART WEEK






Museum Victoria

SciFest 2014 free events to join – please visit the link and see what is of interest. SciFest 2014It is time to start planning for SciFest and National   Science Week. The SciFest video conferencing festival is on 4 – 8 August and   provides a great lead in to National Science Week 16 – 24 August.  Join   in with SciFest and National Science Week to enjoy and explore the wonders   and benefits of science. SciFest provides an opportunity for …Read more.Check Virtual Excursions Australis

Meet the Scientists – Museum Victoria


Tuesday 19 August


  1. Dr Tanya Hill, Astronomer
  2. Dr Stuart Mills, Geologist
  3. Dr Kevin Rowe, Mammalogist
  4. Dr Karen Rowe, Ornithologist
  5. Melanie Mackenzie, Marine biologist

Melbourne Museum

Wednesday 20 August


  1. Dr Stuart Mills, Geologist
  2. Dr Erich Fitzgerald, Palaeontologist
  3. Dr Karen Rowe, Ornithologist
  4. Dr Kevin Rowe, Mammalogist
  5. Mel Mackenzie, Marine biologist

Contact details

To book or enquire about this session, please contact Cameron Hocking via phone or email.
Phone: (03) 8341 7720


 September  6-14 September     History Week
   8 September  Threatened Species
October 2014 Connected Educator Month Korean and Victorian eachers here are your chances to shine globally!  Enter the workshop you would like to run for others.   Click here
 6 – 10 October  Space Week  
 13 – 17 October   Earth Science Week  
November 2014
3 – 28 November
Clickfest Details coming soon … many free events will be run by Virtual Excursions Australian partners throughout November and Global LYNC schools are welcome to join.  Please check on this website regularly:
Available all the time   Fizzics Education

Here is a list of the programs that we could offer

The pricing for 1:1 connections for Korean schools is $150 inc. GST where as local schools is $110 inc. GST due to currency conversion and international cheque payment costs.

All of the programs can be run via Zoom if needed. The really interesting one is the science club – you’re looking at several years’ worth of lessons!




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