Connecting Technologies for this Project

 ZOOM: A Free Option

1. You can use your Polycom to join your Global LYNC partner school

2. You can use a webcam!



Australian Schools

STEP ONE: Google ZOOM and install for free!

Please contact Jo Tate if you school needs PD in the use of the software or if you need assistance – after 4 pm)

IMPORTANT: Please use a blue cable to your laptop in preference to wireless when connecting to Korea.

china2bbOnce the Korean school comes into your meeting please remind them to turn their mic off MUTE and to SHARE their video with you.  It is important that you have time to play with the software PRIOR to involving the students.


Korean Schools

 Make time to have a play and explore BEFORE you involve students. Meeting with each other for planning is essential.  Jo Tate or Keong Yeun Ku   will be happy to help with the first few linkups as a third party in the meetings while you find your way. Please check with us if we are available at the time you are meeting.


 Enhancing the experience

In Victoria schools using this technology to collaborate with sister schools generally purchase a quality USB webcam with a built in microphone.  The ones with a remote control that allow the teacher to ZOOM to various students are preferred. (They only cost between $200-$300) You can see an example below:

webcam and smartboard






The bigger the projection the better the experience for the students at your end.
Please also consider lighting in the room so that the faces of the participants can be seen.


Some of you may join partner schools in Virtaul Excursions as part of your curriculum focus.  Many of the services providers are turning to ZOOM (60% in the USA).  I was able to download ZOOM for free and coduct a meeting in a matter of minutes!

Once ZOOM is installed you can send or recieve an email invitation and the people you invite don’t have to have ZOOM installed!  They can be using a phone, ipad or a PC it doesn’t matter!  Remember though to engage students it is ideal to project the ZOOM conference up onto a screen or electronic whiteboard. 

See ZOOM below.  You can share your desktop/programs, you can record the session directly to your computer, you can use instant messaging too!

Korea ZOOM Miners






Zoom Video Conferencing – Video Conferencing With Up to 100 people

If you are currently using tools like Skype and Facetime, you need to check out Zoom.US!

ZOOM  enables users to have an interactive, high quality video and audio  conference from laptops, desktops and other mobile devices with up to 100  attendees. It includes features like screen sharing and recording  capabilities.  The attendees ARE NOT required to have a license to use  ZOOM. This means that, as a host, you can invite up to 99 others into  an interactive video conference via an email and those attending do not  need to login.  This makes it simple to invite others to the conference  quickly and easily.

It also includes FREE telephone bridging so you can bring in participants via telephone easily as well. Do you or your attendees have access to H.323 equipment like Polycom, Tandberg/Cisco, and Lifesize? These devices can call in to.

These features make this tool often better than tools that you may have previously used like Skype.

The  exciting news is that ZOOM works on devices like, iPhone (iOS), iPAD  (iOS), Android devices (cell phones and tablets), Mac (OSX.6 and  newer), and Windows (Windows XP and newer). This allows for mobility and  capability to make it easier than ever before to do an interactive  video and audio conference.

ZOOM  also allows you to use your UNI CATID to log in to the application and  becomes a GOOGLE instant messaging client for you as well.

We  have already used ZOOM in this project for two years – using it for meetings, instruction and  collaboration.

To  immediately use ZOOM  to host interactive video conferences,  you will need to download ZOOM and log in to ZOOM


Here is how you can get started:

Go to from your mobile device and or computer

 You will need to Register and get a Password

1. Scroll to the very bottom of the website and CLICK ON DOWNLOAD

2. Follow the instructions to download and install

3. Run Zoom

4. To log in and try ZOOM.US out for the first time, in the ZOOM.US application click or tap MEET NOW

5. If you have not logged in yet, you will now see a login screen showing three ways to log in.

Remember that any people you invite in to a ZOOM meeting do not need to log in, they can just attend the meeting!

Here are a few links for more information on ZOOM.

Features –

Getting Started –

Frequently Asked Questions –


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