Your will find a number of Powerpoint resources here.  Please feel free to contribute your own resources to share with other teachers.  Please USE these and modify them to suit your needs!

Australian Climate Powerpoint

In Korea there is not the shortage of water that we experience here.  Use this powerpoint to introduce the idea of Australian weather, drought and how we deal with it.

Climate Matters

Australian Cultural Powerpoints:

Understanding Waltzing Matilda (by Jo Tate)  waltzing matildasWaltzing matilda

For Korean teachers:  Waltzing Matilda is a traditional and historical folksong in Australia.  This powerpoint will help your student understand its significance.  EAL friendly.


This is Australia :  Mateship

mateship image







Christmas in AustraliaChristmas in Australia

New Years Celebrations in Australianew years

Thanks to Ashley Flower and her students at Arnold’s Creek Primary School!

This is a short student-made powerpoint discussing New Years celebrations in Australia, it would be great for a class complemented with details of other Australian festivities.


Schools in Australia  

A basic look at things that interest students with some comments by a Busan homestay student who has been at a Victorian school for her first Term. (to be used with Korean schools Easter 2016)

Bunjil The Creator 

Create some feathers, learn about Australian Indigenous culture and have your work displayed at an Art Gallery as part of the annual Bunjil exhibition (to be used with Korean schools Easter 2016)

Aussie Lifestyle. our lang

This Aussie Lifestyle. is a good introduction to Australia, looking at seasons, hobbies, and has a focus on Australian English and slang. It includes an entertaining video in both English and Korean (with subtitles in both languages) about Australian slang. The accompanying worksheet (click here) includes a look at Australian seasons and some Australian English writing activities. Created by Scarlett McLean.


Our Animals.animals 

This powerpoint looks at iconic animals in Australia and compares them to some Korean counterparts. It’s accompanying worksheet (click here) includes some Australian geography and animal activities. Created by Scarlett McLean.


The Dreamtimecapture

A collection of resources to help in a lesson about dreamtime stories, created by Melissa Crosthwaite from Ballan Primary School.

Tiddalick the frog

The Rainbow Serpent

Why the Koala has a stumpy tail



Korean Cultural Powerpoints

Korean Folktales

A Korean Folktale ready for an interactive video conference class – Scoundrels

scoundrels ppt


Korean Games and Gifts – thanks to Laura from Daegu Hyodong Elementary School

A PowerPoint about Traditional Korean Games

A PowerPoint about Traditional Korean Gifts

Teaching Plan for a lesson using the Traditional Games and Gifts PowerPoints.

korean lucky bag korean traditional games






Korean Traditional Folk Game(Yu Seoyoung) PPT

Korean Mask Dance – thanks to JeongSuk from Daegu Gamcheon Elementary School

Mask Template

Lyrics to Mask Dance Song (Korean and English)

Music for the mask dance: https://www.maskdance.com:453/coding/sub5/sub6_2.asp

korean mask lavers partner 2 Korean mask Lavers partner







Korean foods, music and games! – Thanks so much to Jisun Kang from Daegu GamCheon Elementary School for these great resources!!

As a side note, it would be great to get classes to possibly compare Vegemite and kimchi, as both are national icons and are acquired tastes (especially for foreigners!).

Kimchi and so on – this PowerPoint covers kimchi, the Korean alphabet (Hangeul), and a traditional Korean flute.

Samulnori – looks at Korean traditional drumming.

Traditional Games – with information about the origin of games, and instructions on how to play them in class!

Kimchi and so onTraditional GamesSamulnori






20 Questions About Australian Cities.

Thanks to Hee Eun Lee from Bang Chon Elementary Daegu for these!

Some questions (in Korean and English) about the cities in Australia.


A Village Map Game! – Thanks to Kim Su Gyeong from NamDeok Elementary School

From Kim Su Kyeong:second VC today
“This is a picture map of our village where our students live in. After our presentation of our community, we’ll do a short activity with a picture map. Could you print it out and give it each student before starting the class? Your student will need color pens for this activity.The activity is as in the following.
1. your students ask how you can get 4 places in our village.( our school, fire station, library, ice-cream store?
2. we  tell you how you an get there.
3. your students listen to us  drawing the line according to our direction and mark it.
4. we show the complete map.”



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