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We have just started working on this area of the blog … updated regularly.  Participating schools are warmly invited to contribute ideas that worked for them.

1. Video Conferencing Project Templates Booklet
Many of Jo Tate’s classroom practice video conference ideas are included from a paper written in 2000 and included in this booklet.  This booklet will be translated into Korean as time permits.   This booklet is especially useful in ensuring your video conferencing experiences are interactive and curriculum linked. CLICK HERE –  VCProjectsBooklet to download a copy of the book

2. Ideas for ‘Starters’ from across the curriculum. You can adapt these but look at how they work on ‘true’ collaboration. A mixed bag of starters

3. Ideas from Sejong Global HS in Sth Korea.  Teacher Anna recommends the following site where traditional Korean Folktales are translated into English.  Anna recently presented at the World Education Forum as part of the UNESCO Project (   Here is her poster reflecting her Folktales Project. The Folk-Tales Storytelling (Poster) anna

4. Introductory Lesson – These can be boring if you just have kids introducing themselves one after another …. why not try this !    activity one introductions Daegu pilot

5. Do you have a great lesson idea?  Please use our template – Click here to download:  unit-plan  then send the completed lesson through to . Your lesson will appear here with your name!

 The Australian Curriculum

English (P-10):



Humanities (P-10):



The Victorian Curriculum

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