Assessment rubrics

This page links to a number of rubrics that teachers can download and use to assess student participation in video conference link-ups. Be sure the students see the rubric BEFORE the video conference so they can achieve their best results.

1. Use this tool to evaluate the quality of your video conferening lesson and its impact on student learning:
Generic Assessment Tool rubric

2. Oral Language Skills rubrics

Video conferencing is all about communication.  Have you considered using the following rubrics and curriculum ideas yet?

Class Debate rubric – Just like the formal debates we are used to conducting with our students but the teams are located in different countries.  Negotiate and select a topic that is of interest to the students at both locations.  One example was with my senior English class when we conducted a debate with a Japanese school on ‘Capital Punishment’ many years ago.
Historical Role Play rubric  – This is a great way to learn about historic events in each country.  Students write a short play and become the actors in the play. One or two students are required to ensure the camera shots provide some variety (closeups, distance and middle shots depending on the action in the script) Another student is in charge of sound effects (birds, music etc)
Interview rubric  – This can be used in many ways. Firstly students can interview nominated partner students in the other country. Be sure to send across the questions you will be asking prior to the interview. Secondly you could invite some interesting people from the local community and interview them. For example both schools could invite a local police officer in and students inteview them regarding crime statistics in each country.
Oral Presentation Rubric – This rubric can be used to provide quick feedback to any student who is presenting orally during the video conference link up.  It is a guide to good public speaking using the technology.
Talk show rubric – We are using a television monitor or projected image with video conferencing …. so why not role-play a TV show?  You could have a panel with a commentator at each end.  Be sure to include some controversial topics to get conversations flowing.  You could include a weather forecast, political update – all the normal things you see on the news but students represent their own country and teach each other what is newsworthy.


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