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Australia Korea logo Welcome to a project that explores the potential of low cost and free technologies to support communication between Australian & South Korean sister school partnerships. We have also welcomed and supported other Asian Country partnerships.

Find out more details on the project and how to become a part of it by looking at our pamphlet.

Let’s see what can be achieved.  This project focuses on curriculum content, pedagogy and collaboration.  This project builds on the success of an initial pilot between a school in China and one in Victoria which began in 2012 and used only MSLYNC. Working with  one of our partnership Organisations (DET’s International Division) some of the schools in the pilot have participated in exchange visits of a representative teacher for three week blocks.   One of the Victorian Principals participated in the annual Korean Study Tour hosted by the Korean Embassy in Sydney in 2015.  In  June 2015 this Commonwealth project hosted a pilot between 6 Primary Schools in the Daegu Region of Sth Korea and 6 Victorian Primary Schools seeking partners.   This project trialled some shared development of curriculum.  Schools used ZOOM and can be involved in joint virtual excursions in 2016 as well as regular teamed classrooms focused  on curriculum sharing.

This extension of our project arose during the Commonwealth Endeavour Fellowship taken by Jo Tate (Victoria) and the dedicated work of Professor Keong Ku (Keimyung University).  An MOU was signed between Daegu and another Victorian project partner, the SWVR DET late in October 2015.  This project has focused on partnering Daegu Metropolitan schools as a priority from 2016.  macquarie uniSpecial thanks go to the Linguistics School at  partners, Macquarie University for their ongoing support in translations.  Their students have demonstrated an outstanding grasp of the Korean language at all times throughout this translation work.

photo (3)jEndorsing and advising the project are a team of experienced global educational leaders from South Korea and Australia.  Mr. Seon Kee Min: Busan Education Research and Information Centre South Korea Marg Orme: Senior Project Officer International Division DEECD Keong Yeun Ku : Keimyung University (Recruiting Korean Schools, curriculum design, technical support and  research )  Insun Chang: Australian Korean Language Advisor for Victoria (Curriculum, language and cultural advice) Scarlett McLean :  (Translations and language assistance, social media, newsletter) Jo Tate: Volunteer(Communications, curriculum, research support) Juhee Hong : Director Education Australian Embassy, Seoul, South Korea Mr Soo Hwan Kang: Director, Korean Education Centre-Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Sydney Mr Jung Ik Kim :Administration Manager/Senior Education Officer, Korean Education Centre-Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Sydney Choi, Seok Min (Professor, Daegu National University of Education: Curriculum development with a focus on Creativity) Bae, Sang Sik (Professor, Daegu National University of Education: Curriculum development with a focus on Global Citizen education) Betton New (Principal Distance Education Center Victoria) “Distance Education Center Victoria DET school is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Korea Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade”.

One of our early Victorian partner schools, Yuille Park PS in Victoria developed a blog where you can see photos of the work done with their Korean partner schools.
This Commonwealth project uses ZOOM licencing. Schools with Polycom can dial into the ZOOM room to utilise existing school based technology. Please check on our Technology page for details.
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