Agreed Norms for Teaching Partnerships


Teachers working in this project need to be aware of the agreed norms from the recent shared training forum.

  1. Please use the Lesson plan template with your international partner prior to the link up so that everyone is on the same page regarding the Content.
  2. During Term times emails require a 2 day turn around reply
  3. In case of emergencies and technical issues teachers need to have one of the following in place
    1. Exchanged mobile numbers for a text message
    2. Communicated on Facebook or Kakao Talk or a similar social media voice application
  4. Teachers should have their mobile phone with them during planned links
  5. Communicate with the other school to notify them of school camps etc. as early as possible for accurate planning of dates and minimal changes
  6. Where possible, schools are asked to dial in to the ZOOM room 5-10 minutes early. Put your microphone on MUTE and turn off the camera if needed. This lets the other end see that you are in the virtual room ok
  7. Teachers will read the correspondence from their partners carefully and respond by paraphrasing their understanding of what the other teacher is requesting before adding their ideas and suggestions
  8. All dates and times suggested by Korea need to be explicitly accepted in the reply email or Korea assumes that they are not ok with the Victorian school
  9. Korean teachers are to CC Professor Ku into all correspondence
  10. Australian teachers can CC to
  11. Any concerns please contact the coordinators – silence is deadly in an online project.

We welcome any other suggestions from you .

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