Myeong Deok Elementary School Daegu and Deer Park West Primary School

Students used 10 different languages used to say hello to their overseas friends, as the school is very multicultural, with students from a huge range of backgrounds. – students began the lesson by greeting each other in various langauges:

Pakastani, Somoan, Thai, Chinese
Maori, Vietnamese, Indian, Ethiopian, Lebanese

Then they said G’day!

Association with Federation University

Discussions with Federation University recently have led to their involvement in the project in a number is ways including the development of curriculum units suitable for use in Global LYNCs by Education students at the University. This is a wonderful opportunity for applied learning prior to the completion of teacher training. We look forward to providing you with updates.

Upcoming PD for Global LYNCS Teachers

August 24th and September 23rd.

1.       Preliminary Notice for Victorian teachers in Global LYNCS Teacher  Professional Learning Activity August 24th at 2-5 pm Victorian time
Please note this in your school diaries that we will be conducting a professional learning activity involving all Daegu teachers and their partner schools on this date. Please notify school administration to arrange time release if possible.  Those who cannot get release can please join the ZOOM session at 3.30pm.   Remember only ONE school can use a Polycom for this meeting due licence restrictions.  The first school to contact Professor Ku will be that one. The rest of us will be using our own laptops and ZOOM.
The full program for the PD will be released closer to the date.
2.       The Australian Embassy in Seoul is conducting an Education Symposium on 23rd of September. Our project will be represented by Professor Ku (in person) and myself via ZOOM.  They are very interested in our project model and its impact on schools thus far. Please be sure to send your stories, photos and comments from your student through for our newsletter and such events.