Linton and DongGung Primary Schools

From Aram Lee: “Linton Primary School and DongGung Primary School had their first link up yesterday. We introduced ourselves to each other (my students used some sentences in Korean. So proud of them!), they also sang us a song called ‘you’re born to be loved’ in Korean and English. It was really good and we all had good time together.”

Incredibly Generous Gifts from Korea

Generous donations of costumes from Korean students being distributed to partnership schools. Each has details of donating student got personal thank-you notes.
Thanks to Daegu office for organizing this initiative.

The gifts have been so well received from students and schools in Victoria.

Thank you to So Jin Kim and his family for their kind donation of Korean national costume to Linton Primary School. We are very pleased to be associated with Daegu Region and look forward to working together.
Below is a picture of [one of our] Grade 5 [students], wearing the costume. Our students can greet each other in Korean, count to 10 and tell about what they like and dislike. We are very happy for the opportunity to promote Korean language and culture in our community.”