Ongoing observation based research by Deakin University

Jessica Walton will be conducting ongoing observation based research on the Chelsea PS partnership over a two year period.  We will be very interested to see how the understanding of cultures can affect students’ everyday lives and their attitudes towards other cultures.

Formal research is a great way to evaluate our work in this project so I was excited to hear about Chelsea’s involvement.  Jessica writes: “The project is not an evaluation as such and is more about how the children at both schools experience the program/intercultural interactions and how this relates to their everyday lives inside and outside school. “

This project aims to understand how children in Australia and South Korea navigate racial, ethnic and cultural difference through everyday interactions and experiences as part of an international school partnership.International education aims to prepare students to be active global citizens. However, there is limited knowledge about how students navigate and negotiate these differences and the extent to which such programs encourage positive intercultural contact in their everyday lives. Given worldwide reports of racism and ethnic and cultural intolerance, the intended outcome of this research is to provide robust empirical evidence that advances theories of intercultural relations and informs global citizenship policy and practice.

Jessica Walton Profile CCG BC Building Burwood Arts Ed

Jessica Walton Profile CCG BC Building Burwood Arts Ed

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