Congratulations to Scarlett on her new job in Education

Scarlett is now working at Mount Clear College Earth Ed Science Centre in Ballarat.   She continues to support the Global LYNCs project and we look forward to the first newsletter for 2016.  Her Korean language skills have been very useful as the school had a group of 30 Korean students visit this term.  Mount Clear College hopes to attract more International students from Korea to study in their senior years.

scarlett polycom

Learning Impact Awards … here we come!

I am very excited to confirm I have been given permission by DET to attend the Awards in Texas in May and represent the Global LYNCs Project which is a Finalist this year. (We are also hopeful that Professor Ku may be able to attend to co-present)  In preparation for the judging I am preparing a 4 minute movie (by March 20th – should be fun as it has been about 7 years since I used Moviemaker in my classes! ), a five minute presentation, materials for a promotional stall and I need to be ready for five minutes of questions from the judges.

If you have anything you think might be useful please feel free to send it through to me.   I have asked a number of participating teachers from last year to contribute short film footage of their reflections. 


Kicking off 2016

Hi Everyone!

There has been a lot of activity behind the scenes with organising the best possible partnership schools from new enquiries and the increased participation by the Daegu District.  I have been doing a lot of training at various Victorian schools in preparation for the announcement of their partnerships.   Here are some photos I have grabbed on the run!


Jared Kyabram PS 2016

Kyabram College teacher Jared is a keen starter this year

Park.eun-hee Ormond PS 2016

I meet and trained the team down at Ormond PS including the wonderful Eun-Hee Park.  Impressive program!

San Southmore PS 2016

Working with San and the Southmore PS team was a breeze! They have an established Korean program and fabulous gardens!