IMS Global Learning Impact Australian Regional Awards – Third Place!

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Learning Impact AwardsCongratulations to everyone in the Project!  Today I had the honour of representing you all in a tight  five minute presentation to the judges.  This combined with the written entry gained us a place in the top three making us eligible to compete at the IMS International Awards in Texas in May 2016.   During the presentation I focused on the three areas where I think the most impact on learning is being made:

Integrated Curriculum Learning / Global learning / Collaborative Learning

I showed snapshot examples of these followed by a minute of the wonderful movie produced by the Daegu District Office.  I think our entry can be strengthened with some data and Professor Ku and I discussed a teacher survey while she was in Victoria.   I hope that you can find some time in your busy schedules to complete it later this month.

This Award belongs to all of YOU!  Well done!

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