Article from the September Newsletter: Profile: Aussie in Korea, Blair Williams, ‘Non-Summit’.

Hailing from Brisbane originally, Blair moved to Korea in 2010, and currently works in Digital Marketing, and has been a panellist on popular variety show “Non-Summit' .

Blair and Scarlett (Global LYNCs team member) snacking on Vegemite toast in Seoul.


Do you think making partnerships between countries is important in today’s world? Are schools a good place to start?

I definitely agree that partnerships between between countries is important. We live in a very globalized world, so the more connections, friendships, and partnerships we have across cultures and countries the better! Of all the places to start these, school is one of the best! Kids at a young age are receptive to new ideas and it’s a great time to learn the importance of cross cultural communication and the value of difference.


Blair wearing a traditional Korean Hanbok. (from Blair’s instagram @talkativeblair)


How do you think projects like Global LYNCs can improve understanding between countries?

One of my areas of study was culture, in particular cross cultural communication. What I learnt was, communication is at the core of everything and this is vitally important when doing business or any sort of relationship between countries. So projects such as these really help to break down the barriers that often disrupt communication between cultures/countries.

Do you think videoconferencing is useful for this/other purposes? Do you use it often?

Videoconferencing is a great tool to use in these instances. It allows people to meet, albeit virtually, face to face and have a real time conversation, despite being in different places. There is more emotion and interaction of video than a simple letter or phone call, which adds a more human element to the communication. I use videoconferencing technology myself to keep in touch with my friends and family back home in Australia. It’s truly a life saver and allows me to feel that much closer to home.

blair skype

Blair and Scarlett using Skype, and Blair’s mum Leanne making a suprise appearance through Line!


Speaking of feeling close to home, what are favourite snacks from Australia and Korea?

Red Rock Deli Salt & Vinegar Chips, and I’m loving the giant yakults [in Korea] at the moment!

giant yakult

More than a few sips in Korean yakults… (from Blair’s instagram @talkativeblair)


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