First link between Japanese class from Hokuzan and Shepparton HS

Today the students connected in a virtual room via Polycom.  There was only one girl in each class. The students introduced themselves to each other and discussed their hobbies.  They used cards as props with some Japanese writing on them.   The Australian students will be focused on their Japanese language in future classes and the Japanese students on practising their English. This should be a wonderful opportunity for both schools.

japanese class1 girl japan shepp link Shepparton and japan first Shepparton japan first link 2 Shepparton japan first link september 2015

Highton PS first class link to Sindang Elementary School

highton 11 highton 10 highton first class 6 Highton PS first lesson 4 highton first class 3 highton first class 2 highton first classHighton Primary School had a very successful first class link up today with their wonderful Daegu partners  Sindang Elementary .  You can see some shots from the link including a video that was shown of the school in Korea and the powerpoint that the students from Highton PS shared.   Highton students were fascinated by the Tai Kwon Do images where people walked on each others backs. 




Powerpoints for teacher use

The first powerpoint was tested our on Friday with a class in Korea.  We had positive feedback.   You can find this at our new page: 
The first one is Waltzing Matilda and it has been designed in EAL style to support Korean students who have English as a second language.    Soon we will have one around a Korean folktale that can be used to support Victorian students.  How about doing a costumed role play once you have used the powerpoints?  That would be a wonderful video conference!

Waltzing matilda   Swagman lesson