Daegu Pilot launched

The first link up between new partnerships formed through an emerging partnership between the Daegu Region and a Victorian Region soon to be announced occurred on Monday.  Chelsea  PS used ZOOM to connect to Saeron Elementary School.  During her Endeavour Fellowship, Jo Tate presented to the Principal of Saeron and others at a meeting organised by the Daegu Office of Education.  Five new partnerships will be involved in the project which will include some joint development of curriculum based activities.  An MOU will be developed between the two Regions. 1491 1574

Media were in attendance at the Daegu end and we look forward to the possibilities that this pilot opens up.

Jo Tate


Photos: Jo Tate and Professor Ku present to Daegu Principals.  Sam son Lee and Hay Yeon Lee at the Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education discussing the pilot and partnership with a Victorian counter-Region.



chelsea ZOOM

Photo: Chelsea PS Principal Michelle Liddle, using ZOOM for a meeting with Jo Tate to discuss the pilot and training and support for the Chelsea teachers.