Heather and Lili using ZOOM between Australia and China

Here are some images and video from today’s lesson that I was able to sit in on during a ZOOM meeting with our Chinese partner school.  We are learning all the time so please read my reflections below …. 2 3 4

When using ZOOM please remember:
1. Click and turn off the ZOOM icon for your microphone when the other people are speaking. This eliminates background noise and also any feedback.  the quality of your sound will improve.
2.  Don’t point the microphone out at the class or you will pick up all their background noise.  If the class are very quiet this is not such an issue.  Consider pointing the microphone away from the main group and having the students come around to it, or you might like to use an open book as a sound buffer between the microphone and a noisy classroom.   Experiment!