First student link for new partnership schools

Mr Kim and Mr Brown lead their students in the first introductions.  Keong Ku and Jo Tate offered support from the wings.

Mr Kim





we used a DEECD virtual room with Korean participants using Polycom Real Presence and a CISCO Unit, and Victorians using Polycom and MSLYNC to dial in.  Yes it worked really well with all platforms integrating perfectly!







Heather Lin pushes the limits with ZOOM

Heather is a champion teacher and always keen to explore new methods in her classroom.  Last Friday she visited me with some fantastic footage of new work using networked headsets (which are very cheap to purchase) and ZOOM connecting peer to peer students in Ballarat and China teaching each other language.  Children had created a power-points to support their tutoring session.  Why not involve the English teacher at your school in similar work with your Korean partner schools?  What a great X-Curriculum opportunity.

zoom 1 zoom2