Planning meeting for newly formed partnership schools

Yesterday Wellington SC met their new Korean partners Sung Duk Middle School during an initial video conference. 

Sung Duk Middle School has a Science focus and while students specialise in that area, English langauge is also a high priority.  Two English teachers were present at the meeting. Mr Wan Sik Kim will be the leader for the project. He is keen to move the two schools towards signing an MOU in the not too distant future.  The schools will begin by sharing culture and the Arts from respective countries.  Mr. Kim also mentioned that his students English levels ranged from Level 3-6 and that the school had invested in literature to support the English program.  A number of the Korean students introduced themselves and spoke very confidently.

Wellington SC introduced their two English as a Second langauge teachers and other teachers who are interested in partnerships between classes.  Mr. Kim has two classes for partnering currently.  We look forward to hearing more from the schools and sharing some images of their first few link ups!

photo photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5 photo6